Coroutines and Threads

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LittleKt supports the use of coroutines and asynchronous operations.


The Context is the default scope that should be used instead of GlobalScope in a LittleKt application. We can also use the KtScope object which points to the same CoroutineContext. Sometimes it might be easier to switch using KtScope vs trying to a Context reference.

LittleKt provides two main implementations of coroutine dispatchers:

  • RenderingThreadDispatcher: executes tasks on the main rendering thread. Available via Disptachers.KT. This is the default dispatcher used by the Context / KtScope internally.
  • AsyncThreadDispatcher: wraps an AsyncExecutor to execute tasks.
    • newSingleThreadAsyncContext(): factory method that creates an AsyncExecutor with a single thread.
    • newAsyncContext(numThreads): factory method that creates an AsyncExecutor with the specified amount of threads.
    • AsyncThreadDispatcher: class that allows to wrap an existing AsyncExecutor. Ensure that the threads property is set to the correct number of threads.

LittleKt also provides a few utility methods:

  • onRenderingThread: suspends the coroutine to execute a task on the main rendering thread and return its result. Should be used if you dispatch a corutine with a non-rendering thread dispatcher and need to execute a task on the main rendering thread, such as preparing a Texture.
  • isOnRenderingThread: checks if the corutine is being executed on the main rendering thread.


Start a coroutine on the main rendering thread:

suspend fun Context.doWork() {
    launch { // can also call context.launch directly. { "A coroutine from the render thread!" }
suspend fun Context.doWork() {
    KtScope.launch { // the same thing as context.launch { "A coroutine from the render thread!" }

Performing asynchronous work outside the rendering thread:

fun doAsyncWork() {
    val executor = newSingleThreadAsyncContext()
    KtScope.launch { { "On render thread" }
        withContext(executor) {
   { "On async thread" }
        } { "Back on render thread" }

Switching threads:

private val job = Job()
private val scope = CoroutineScope(job)

fun switchThreads() {
    scope.launch { { "On scope context!" }
        withContext(Dispatchers.KT) {
   { "On render thread" }
        } { "Back on scope context!" }
        onRenderingThread {
   { "Back on render thread"}

We can even pass data to the rendering thread from another thread using Context.postRunnable(). This will run the runnable in the rendering thread on the next frame before render() is called:

fun postRunnableWork() {
    val executor = newSingleThreadAsyncContext()
    KtScope.launch(executor) { { "On async thread" }
        context.postRunnable {
   { "I will run on the render thread next frame!" }
        } { "Still on async thread" }