data class LDtkFieldInstance(val identifier: String, val type: String, val value: MultiAssociatedValue?, val defUid: Int, val tile: LDtkTileRect? = null)


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fun LDtkFieldInstance(identifier: String, type: String, value: MultiAssociatedValue?, defUid: Int, tile: LDtkTileRect? = null)


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val defUid: Int

Reference of the Field definition UID

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Field definition identifier

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val tile: LDtkTileRect? = null

Optional TilesetRect used to display this field (this can be the field own Tile, or some other Tile guessed from the value, like an Enum)

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Type of the field, such as Int, Float, Enum(my_enum_name), Bool, etc.

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Actual value of the field instance. The value type may vary, depending on __type (Integer, Boolean, String etc.)
It can also be an Array of those same types.